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ASAP Fitness Testimonials

Chuck Customer Testimonial

“I have been training with Aaron for about two years but only started focusing on a true weight loss goal for the last 6 months. Aaron helped me reach the goals I had set for myself through motivation and always pushing me to push myself to the limit. As my goals transformed throughout the time I trained with him, Aaron was very flexible and changed my workouts in order to suit my desires. I now consider Aaron a friend and I couldn’t be more appreciative of all his help through the past two years and I know there is only more to come.”

Chuck Wilson 
ASAP Client that lost 40lbs.

Stacy Customer Testimonial

“In January of 2012 I weighed the most I have ever weighed in my life. I was at a bad place in my life and knew I needed to change what I was doing to my body. I was introduced to Aaron and started attending his Bootcamp classes. There was something about Aaron’s style of training that I instantly fell in love with. Every session I went to, he made it a point to push me to do things I never thought was possible. I later began doing one on one sessions with Aaron once a week. “

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Stacy Kolbus
ASAP Client that lost 80lbs.

Otis Hudson

“I just wanted to try a different type of training. My body was getting very used to training in Cincinnati and I needed somebody to push me more. I’ve known Reed for a while and I’ve been hearing good things about his training. He trained me a couple times and I liked it. I just feel like he’s a unique trainer.”

Otis Hudson
NFL Client

Whitney Customer Testimonial

“If you’re looking for a little switch up in your fitness routine, if you’re looking to changed it altogether, if you need help getting stronger/faster at your sport of choosing, if you need help getting motivated, or you need to shed some weight… I HIGHLY recommend you stop by ASAP Fitness. The constantly varied workout’s will keep your body working hard, and melt the fat right away. And, the bottom line…. IT IS FUN! ASAP Fitness will clearly give anyone willing to take the first step a competitive edge. Do yourself a favor, and check it out!!”

Whitney Boyd
Water Polo Athlete/ASAP Client

AJ Testimonial

“Coming into track and field as a freshman was kind of nerve wrecking. That was until I saw a familiar face from the basketball courts of Sunny Hill, my elementary school. It was Aaron Reed, an idol from my childhood. It was his first year coaching, and my first year competing in jumps. When Aaron saw me on the runway during practice, he pulled me aside and told me that I had great potential. Ever since then, it’s been hard work and dedication. I’ve had my eyes on Aaron’s high school triple jump record since freshman year. I would tell him that I was going to break it, and he simply replied with a sarcastic “yea okay kid.” So then I had no other choice, but to go for it. “

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AJ Scarbrough
IHSA State Champion in Triple Jump

Jody Testimonial

“Aaron Reed is an outstanding trainer who develops athletes’ strength, agility and power for optimal performance at any level. Using a variety of training techniques specific to the sport, Aaron was instrumental in developing one of our JV athletes into a powerhouse, enabling her to secure a Varsity position in one season. An accomplished athlete himself, Aaron’s knowledge, expectations and rapport with his athletes motivates and empowers each individual to be their best.”

Jody Gitelis
Head Coach Girls’ Track and Field (Barrington High School)

Brad Testimonial

“I trained at ASAP this summer for about 2 months and I haven’t trained anywhere better. That’s because…

  • Big and Fast results in all areas: Strength, endurance, speed, etc.
  • Training is enjoyable. Aaron is a cool guy and motivates you to go beyond your limits for those big results.
  • Keeps it fresh. The workout is always different. Never will you do the same routine in the same week. Nor will you be doing the same exercise back to back.

In all honesty bottom line- It gets no better.”

Brad Smith
ASAP Client

Allen Testimonial

“I was trained by Aaron Reed, through ASAP Fitness, for a jump/sprint camp to prep for track and field that started back in November 2011. There was a huge difference in my speed, strength, and explosion from when we first started, to the day we finished. Aaron is a great trainer and knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. I loved all the jump specific workouts we did as well as all the equipment we used. Never once did he lose his temper, but that never compromised the intensity of the workout. Thanks to Aaron, me and my other 2 teammates have a huge advantage over the competition this season, and I have every intention to return next year.”

Allan Rodriguez
ASAP Client

Ali Testimonial

“We are grateful to have Aaron as our trainer, he is the ultimate professional. He brings his positive energy to every workout and is able to adjust to our changing needs. He provides the right balance of challenge and motivation which also makes him an incredible mentor. But the best thing about Aaron, is his smile.”

Elizabeth Georgescu (Ali’s mom)
ASAP Client

Dan Testimonial

“I trained with Aaron for about a month before I played in the U.S. Army All American Bowl and I feel that the training he took me through helped me immensely in preparation. Not only did I get in shape, but I feel that I am a more explosive and efficient athlete after training with Aaron at ASAP Fitness.. 

I would highly recommend training here for any athlete who is serious about competing at the next level.”

Dan Voltz
Army All-American Bowl

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