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A custom online training program designed for YOU.

Hi, I'm Aaron Reed!

I take an in-depth look at each individual client, and prepare a program to suit their needs, goals, and abilities. If you have the discipline, work ethic, desire to challenge yourself, and have experience with barbells, dumbbells, and cables – then let’s get started! 

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3 Programs to Choose From





Sports Performance



What You Get



Workouts Delivered

3 workouts a week – delivered a month at a time. Depending on your goals, these workouts will vary, but will be essential to complete each week in order to achieving your goals.

Strong Communication

Weekly and daily check-ins. You’ll have access to post questions, concerns, and comments in our online community board. I will be checking the board daily, and will respond to your questions.

Nutritional Guidance

A personalized nutrition plan. I will break down your macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat) and calorie intake for each day. I will also provide options for what foods to eat (grocery list) and more. 



I'm Ready to Get Results!



Benefits to ASAP Online Programming



A+ Support

Get the benefits of having a personal trainer – without having to go to the gym!

Superior Training

Train Like An Athlete – yea that’s my tagline. But I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life, and 4 years at the collegiate level learning what that truly means.

Cost Effective

Save money! Training at the gym with me or with any trainer for that matter is much more expensive.

Gain Knowledge

Educate yourself. You’ll not only get a great workout program with great results, but you’ll learn how and why this is happening.



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Online training programs are designed to give you a personalized workout routine that fits your needs!



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