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About ASAP Fitness

Founder and owner, Aaron Reed spent years learning, gaining experience, and developing a deep understanding for what it means to be and “Train Like An Athlete.” After graduating from the University of Iowa where he competed in 4 years of track and field, Aaron decided to continue his journey in the field of sports, health, and fitness. With an athletic background in what many consider an athlete’s purest sport form, Aaron took what he learned while competing as an athlete and the years prior, and decided to share how to train hard and push your body’s limits like that of an elite athlete.

ASAP FITNESS will not only provide elite and personalized athletic training for each of their clients, but in addition are dedicated to building self-esteem and motivation to incorporate into their everyday lives. Whether you’re a current athlete or not, our ultimate goal is to promote a healthier and fit lifestyle, which in turn allows everyday life to be more energy filled and productive. Are you ready for the next step? Are you ready for elite fitness training? We’re here when you decide it’s time.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide every client, regardless of his or her fitness and/or athletic background, the opportunity to train at an elite level. We will provide proper instruction with every client and motivate them to achieve whatever their fitness or athletic goals may be.

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